Amanda is Tallahassee's best Realtor.....

If I were going to recommend a Realtor, she would be the one.

Jesse Salcedo


Amanda was a woderful Realtor

during our extensive \(over 1 year\) search for our home. She was extremely patient, helpful, open-minded, encouraging through the long process. She stayed in touch consistently, showed care and concern, working dilligently at all hours for us. We developed a friendship with her as well. We highly recommend her without any reservations. We LOVE our dream home!

Stormie and Kendall


"Thank You"

So much for all your hard work and professionalism in finding us our Tallahassee Farm! You have a special gift for making your clients (and now friends) feel like they are your only priority.

Sue and Jerry Baker


Amanda has helped me and my wife as well as other members of my family

on more than one occasion over the past 5 years. She know what she is doing and understands what the customer needs and takes it on as a personal responsibility to reach those needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell.

Rob Mullinax


Love working with her

"Amanda is thoughtful, thorough, and approaches things with a great deal of common sense. She has a good energy. Love working with her!"

Cheryl Stuart


Great Results, Personable, Expert

Having never met a more tenacious business person, Amanda will always be my partner in Real Estate. Not only does she provide market knowledge, a level head, and an understanding of what is practical. Amanda also provides friendship and a connection that brings comfort to the entire experience. I trust Amanda for all of my present and future Real Estate inquiries and projects.

Winston McDavid


I would recommend Amanda Drake 

with purchasing a home. My husband is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps and Tallahassee is our new duty station. We were overwhelmed with locating a home in Tallahassee. Amanda never treated us like clients but more like family, guiding us through all the steps of purchasing our first home. Amanda was there to answer any questions we had day or night. When we stressed out about anything, Amanda came up with a solution right away. Thanks to Amanda we had a great first time home purchasing experience and feel we made a friend in Tallahassee.

 Robert and Nicole Bournival 



Last year, my husband and I were thrilled to find ourselves in a position, ready to take advantage of the current Real Estate market. Through research, we learned that the odds were in our favor to be able to make a profit from the sale of our previous home, which was also our first home, allowing us the opportunity to maximize our chances of getting into a place that can take us into the next phase of our lives and hopefully into our retirement years.
 Through a friends recommendation, we reached out to you and also contacted one other agent for comparison of style and approach to the sale of our home. After that first meeting, there was no question who we wanted to work with on this very personal project. You see, everything we had been told and read, until we met you, told us to, “not allow ourselves to get emotional about this process.” We were told that emotions got in the way of logical decisions that needed to be made. This was supposed to be a business transaction and approached as such. As professional and business oriented as you are, one of the first things you told us, is that this is a very emotional process and that we needed to acknowledge that and be prepared to work with those emotions in order to be certain that we were making the right choices for our future. After all, these choices have the ability to set us up for our future or to level our options for our future. How much more personal can you get? This was only the first of so many good pieces of advice we received from you. 

After we signed our contract with you, you hit the ground running and sold our home in a month and a half. Not only did you help us to sell it quickly, but we also accepted an offer almost spot on our asking price, allowing us to have the profit we needed to get into the type of home we really wanted. Our buyer wanted to close in 5 weeks. Your organization, diligence and network of quality professionals, helped us to close on time with no hiccups along the way.

Home buying and selling comes with an aura of stress. People are excited about what’s happening, but fearful of what they do not know. You came into our scenario and took away most of our stress right out of the gate. We had confidence from the start that you were not just invested in us for your own profit, but for our emotional and financial success as well. You were a partner in every sense of the word, offering advice outside of the norm to help us think through choices we were making in the heat of the moment, but also choices we might have to face while working through the process. Your services were invaluable to us and helped us to learn, not just to follow along blindly. 

There is no question in my mind that we have a Real Estate agent for life. There is no-one else we would put our home and largest investment in the hands of. Thank you for your time, your efforts, your patience when things did get emotional. We are grateful for the success you helped us to achieve and the friendship we gained through the process. We proudly recommend you to all of our friends and wish you the best of successes!

Our most sincere thanks to you Amanda!

Chris and Lesly Konrad


Dear Amanda,

We are very grateful to you for your dedication and hard work during our search for the “right” home.  Little did you know that it would take you over a year, as we changed our search criteria more than once.

You were always happy to help us, prompt to respond, kept us informed on new listings and did more research than we can imagine in order to help us find what we wanted.  You went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we had a place to stay when our house sold before we found another.

You were always professional, cheerful and optimistic that we would find the right house, which was so very important to us.  Thanks to your diligence we did.

We feel like we made a friend along the way and we would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for someone that keeps their clients best interest front and center. Who wouldn’t want to work with a realtor who is knowledgeable, diligent, full of integrity and a pleasure to work with for a day or a year!

We appreciate you  very much.


Pete and Mary Lou Fodor 


Amanda Drake is an amazing agent.

Her persistence and positive attitude were key to the sale of our house in such a turbulent market. She made the selling process an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We highly recommend her to all potential buyer/sellers and plan on using her services again when we decide to purchase our new home.

Patrick and Angela Falls


We cannot speak highly enough of our experience...

with Amanda Drake when we sold our old home and purchased a new one. She really helped us with the negotiation of the bid we placed on our new home and was quick to resolve any issues that arose during the process. At the time, those issues felt like the end of the world for our dream. We recently celebrated another anniversary in our beautiful home and know that we will forever owe Amanda a debt of gratitude for all of her hard work and assistance.

Ron and Michelle Harrison


Bigger Does Not Mean Better

I had the opportunity to work with Amanda when my wife and I moved here from Miami. Initially I was referred to an agent that worked with a very large company. After our first discussion, I didn't hear from her for almost 2 weeks. By that time, my manager referred me to Amanda which in retrospect was the best thing that ever happened to me. We spoke that evening for over an hour with most of the time devoted to her wanting to know about the things that were important to us. Based on that, Amanda started sending my wife and I listings for homes and worked tirelessly in finding us what was to be our "forever" home.

After a month, we were starting to get discouraged and were almost ready to "settle". Amanda kept reminding us that our home was out there and when we found it we would know it immediately. On more than one occasion we would visit a house and she would be the first one to state that the house "wasn't what we were looking for".

Two weeks after that, we found the home we our currently living in now. We came close to making offers on others, but Amanda reminded us what we said we were looking for initially and we kept looking. We are so glad we listened to her. Amanda told us that she didn't want us to buy a house just to sell us a house. She wanted to make sure we bought the right house for us because as she put it "I never want to avoid you if I see you in the grocery store because I sold you a house you weren't happy with".

She was meticulous in making sure every detail was arranged and closing went smooth as silk. Trusting strangers is a hard thing to do when you move into a new area. I'm so glad we trusted Amanda Drake to find us our home. It's now a year later, and we're just as happy as the day we moved in.

We owe it all to her.
Ken and Betty Lanese


Amanda not only helped...

us quickly sell a property, but also expertly guided my husband and I through the home buying process and took care of every little detail. She is a very hard worker, knowledgeable and always prepared. We will always be so appreciative of Amanda-she's the best!

Ivy Bettinger Smith


We not only found a wonderful realtor...

Moving an entire family across the country to Florida was very overwhelming indeed. We were so lucky to have met our realtor, Amanda Drake, whose expertise in the local Tallahassee market helped us find our "dream" home. Thank you Amanda for listening to our needs with the utmost of professionalism, care, and concern. We not only found a wonderful realtor, but a lifelong friend!

Andra P.