When should you sell?

The marketplace tends to be more active in the summer because parents want to enroll children in classes at the beginning of the school year (usually August). The summer is also typically when most homes are likely to be available. Generally speaking, markets tend to have some balance between buyers and sellers year-round. In a given community, for example, there may be fewer buyers in late December, but there are also likely to be fewer homes available for purchase. So, home prices tend to rise or fall because of general demand patterns rather than the time of the year. Owners are encouraged to sell when the property is ready for sale, there is a need or desire to sell, and the services of a local REALTOR® have been retained.

Choose a REALTOR®

The most important job of a REALTOR® is to put the clients interest above all others. At Drake Real Estate we are fully committed to our clients and want nothing more than to help our clients reach their real estate goals. When you contact us, we will set an appointment to meet at no cost or obligation to you, and will go over the step by step process of getting your property sold. Communication is key in a successful transaction, so it is very important that your REALTOR® is easily accessible rather via phone, email, or texting. A REALTOR® wears many hats and has many responsibilities. We understand this and are fully dedicated to working hard for our clients. Call us today and lets get started on helping you reach your real estate goals.

Prepare your home

Once you have chosen a REALTOR® they will meet with you at your home and provide a list of things you will need to do to prepare your home from the inside out. Keep in mind, the most important thing is curb appeal. If you can not get a buyer in the door, then it is impossible to get them to buy it. The majority of buyers start their search on line. Curb appeal is not just when the buyer drives by a home, but also when they come across it on line. If the first picture of your home does not appeal to them, they will go on to the next one. Depending upon the age of your home, it may also be a good idea to have a pre listing home inspection. Your REALTOR® can talk to you more about this and how it can possibly save you thousands of dollars.

Price your home

Most sellers think they know at least a ballpark figure of what their home is worth, but most are way off, especially in a volatile market. It's important to know what your home is worth without the rose-colored glasses before you decide to sell. There are couple of different ways to come up with a listing price for your home. One is we do a CMA (Certified Market Analysis) using detailed information about your home and comps from the surrounding area to come up with a competitive price. Two, you can pay for an appraisal and price it based on the information received from the appraisal. These tools help guide us in coming up with the most competitive listing price for your home. Keep in mind that these are tools to help come up with the best list price, this does not always mean a property will sell for this amount. Ultimately a home is worth……what someone is willing to pay for it!! Our goal at Drake Real Estate is to help you put everything into place, so that you find at least one person willing to do just that.

Marketing plan

The days of putting out a sign and receiving an offer instantly, are long gone. Your REALTOR®S marketing plan is more important than ever in order to get your home sold. We start by listing your home on the MLS. From there it is immediately sent out to dozens of real estate websites. Then we also input your listing on our company website, which is advertised not only on all of our signs, but on fliers put out at listings, Homes and Land magazines and our Homes and Land website, and dozens of other real estate websites. When open houses are performed, it is listed in our local newspaper that is advertised in print and online.

Home Showings

We know how stressful home showings can be to the sellers. Not many of us live in a spotless house every day, all day long. When you list with us, we can come up with a plan that will allow you to live your life but be prepared for each and every showing. Every showing is very important. It only takes one buyer to fall in love with your home and you never want to turn that one buyer away. Your agent will receive immediate information on the time, date, and agent that showed your home and will obtain, and report all feedback received from all showings. Feedback is not always easy to hear and is not always something you can change. However it is an essential key in helping guide us in the right direction to getting your home sold. If you start to hear the same feedback from different showings, it can help you decide rather you need to make some changes rather it is price, or something cosmetic.


When we receive an offer on your home, we will set up an appointment to meet with you and go over all the details. It is important that your REALTOR® is able to help you understand all the details of the contract and the offer. Sometimes the seller can get caught up on the purchase price of an offer and do not realize that the most important aspect of an offer… what their bottom line is, and a good REALTOR® can help you see that there are many different ways your bottom line can be accomplished. At Drake Real Estate, our main goal…….is to help you accomplish yours.


Closing day is when all of your hard work is rewarded. It is also when you realize that some of the hardest part of selling a home, is getting out of it. The biggest mistake I see sellers make prior to closing, is underestimating the amount of time it will take to get the house packed, emptied, and cleaned up for the new owner. Prior to closing you should get a settlement statement and your REALTOR® will go over this with you. This is also the day that you hand over all keys and access to the new owner.